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YogaHive Salcedo is local yoga studio that has found its roots in the trendy and well – known Makati area. The moment you walk into the studio, the sense of peace, clarity, and strength is inevitable. The instructors care and know each client and welcome new students with open arms.

What is YogaHive?

YogaHive represents wellness, community, and lifestyle. Just like the bumblebees going into the hive, the community congregates at YogaHive to nourish themselves and cultivate a family. Through the various styles of yoga and other fitness classes. YogaHive nourishes minds, strengthens bodies, and deepens souls. It offers classes suitable for all bodies, ages, and abilities. Each member contributes to the cultivation of a supportive yoga family in YogaHive.

What can YogaHive offer?

Engaging yoga and fitness classes, meaningful connection to the community, and a memorable experience every time you walk through the doors of YogaHive.